Active Data Intelligence

Access to important legal and regulatory information needs to be ubiquitous and continuous in order to be effective.  All too often useful data that could dramatically increase organizational knowledge lies dormant and untranslated because organizations lack the tools to interpret it. Active Data Intelligence (ADI) helps organizations overcome this problem.  It forms a well-lit panoply […]


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Putting a value on data 1

Business now operates in an age when information has never been more important.  Enterprises are self-consciously data driven, collecting and interrogating information in unprecedented volumes.  Small start ups to multinational corporations are acutely aware that their profitability, and even their survival, is dependent on the volume and quality of information they can gather and process.  And yet […]

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The future of work

What do people do when human labour has no market value and computers and robots do all the work. As robots have few needs and no wants do we face the anomalous prospect of people only having value as consumers. And how do we fund our consumption without the means to earn. Watching series 1 […]

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